Question: I own rental property. If I have a problem with a tenant, when should I consult an attorney?

The Sauk Prairie Eagle – Ask The Professional Column.  (Jared Walker Smith)

Answer:  Many landlords never go see an attorney until they have problems evicting a non-paying tenant or a tenant sues the landlord for keeping the tenant’s security deposit. As a landlord you may have a legitimate claim for damages against a tenant, but a failure to properly follow statutory requirements in withholding from the security deposit may nevertheless result in you paying the tenant twice the security deposit and the tenant’s attorney fees. While it can be important to have representation in disputes headed to court, seeing an attorney before disputes arise can help head off litigation and save you money. Wisconsin landlord-tenant law has undergone a variety of changes in the last few years. A consultation with an attorney can help make sure your lease agreements and your best practices are in line with the current law and protect your interests.

Disclaimer: The above information is provided as general information, not as legal advice, and does not create an attorney client relationship. Before making any decisions regarding legal matters, individuals should consult with a qualified attorney.